Monday, June 27, 2011

Dressing the Deck

My hubby recently made a table for our grill (s).

Here are my guys removing the protective finish on the stainless steel table.

Isn't it a beauty?

But now I must figure out what to do on the deck. It is a spacious deck that we recently repainted.

I've been debating as to what kind of patio furniture would look best.

I thought about a cushioned bench for this area -

or should I just stick with a patio table and some Adirondack Chairs?

Any suggestions??


Marydon said...

Go look at my LOVE IS post a couple weeks ago about our patio furnitue. It is at K-Mart. Chairs are adjusted like a chaise with stools & a darling glass top table. Fabulous fabric design/color ... very versatile, cushy & comfy. They make a wonderful grouping & were a great sale item.

We have 3 huge terraces ... we placed ours on the second terrace. I believe we bought the glass table 6 seat setting at Costco, but maybe not. It shows in several garden photos.

We had enver been in a K-Mart in probably 20+ years ... so glad we stopped by as our last effort to find the chair grouping.

Love your deck ... so much you can do with it.

Have a fun time shopping.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

WOW that is very huge!!! I can see lots of little sitting areas! Have Fun decorating your patio!

Pat said...

WOW...that deck is a beauty and so is the table for the grills. Why not start with the Adirondack chairs and table and then go from there? Those never go out of style, so it's safe to buy them right away while you think about what else you want there.

Allie said...

Just put up a tent and I'll move right in! Gorgeous deck....I do love Adirondack chairs, like Pat said you could always start with those and add more. The table for your grills is AMAZING. Good job!!