Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a little reminder

Don't forget to change your clocks tonight :-)

Have a glorious weekend!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Vintage Thingies do you have?

It's been a busy week around here. But I couldn't let the week to go by without showing the rest of the bounty from our last treasure hunt :-)

I found this vintage sewing basket at the Thieves Market for just $3.00. But what I found inside was the greatest find!

Not only was the basket filled to the brim with thread, there was a little zippy bag with all kinds of odds and ends. There was the cutest little embroidery scissors, as well as some vintage buttons.

I've seen these lovely pitchers in several antique shops before. It was something that I thought I'd like to have, but the prices were usually over my budget or chipped up pretty badly. I was so happy to find this pitcher in the same shop where we found the egg scale! woo-hoo, happy day!

And last but not least is this salt and pepper set. The really funny thing was that they were both still full of salt and pepper. I have a couple of these white knobby pieces already, so it was a nice addition to my collection.

Please stop by Colorado Lady's blog and visit the other Vintage Thingie Thursday. Suzanne is a terrific hostess, and there are always so many interesting and fun things to find on the vintage blogging trail.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Treasure hunting

Treasure hunting is simply enjoying the process of looking for and finding something that you didn't know you were looking for! When you find it, it inspires you to continue the hunt for the "next" thing :-) Of course it has to be at just the right price, or else the hunt is not valid. It's the difference between buying something retail, or finding the very same thing for 95% off! The process is almost as much fun as the find.

Does this look like fun to you??

This last place - Olde Junque Shop - was, well, it was pretty junky, that's for sure.

These were some of the spots we visited a couple of weeks ago in South Carolina. My dear hubby and son were at a sporting event, so my daughter and I hit the antique trail. Found a few treasures (one of which was the egg scale I posted about last week).

We found several other treasures, but I think this one topped it off for my daughter.

We have seen this cookbook in many different places. Some are in very good condition, others are falling apart. We've seen a vast array of pricing, but my daughter found this one for $1.50. I don't know if many of you have used this grand old BH & G red and white cookbook, but when I got married I lived in this cookbook. I never knew how to make cream sauce, or cole slaw dressing, or even how long to cook a roast. This cookbook was my bible in the kitchen.

So look! Now we have a twin -

Mine is on the right, and it's looks pretty beat up. But it's over 35 years old, and has taken it's licks. However, this cookbook still has the best recipe for Coconut Cream pie, and even tells you how long to cook eggs ;-)

Happy thriftin'!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's been so fun to join Colorado Lady on Vintage Thingies Thursday . There are so many wonderful blogs that share about their Vintage finds or what they have stored away in their cottages :-) I love meeting all the lovely people who love the treasure hunt as much as I do.

This past weekend I visited our local Good Will. It was a busy day, as the parking lot was full. The place was buzzing with people. I ventured to the housewares as that is usually my main stopping point. I found a blue and white tea cup, and was considering a pitcher, when I spotted these little beauties in one of the carts.

The cart was in the middle aisle and I noticed the top of the larger Flour container. I picked it up and was delighted to see there was another one underneath. It was the Sugar container. Woo-hoo happy dance. Only $2 each. I thought perhaps there may be other pieces, but there were no more in the cart. I made my way over to the pots and pans aisle and THERE IT WAS! The Coffee container! And this one was only $1. I KNOW there was another one there somewhere, because I found another lid, but I never could find the bottom piece. Yipee, what a score! I love these old containers. I remember my Mom having a grease container on her stove when I was little. It had the little insert that sifted out the junk from the grease. Goodness, did they really reuse the grease over and over. My Mom was from the depression days, so everything was reused.

Here is how these little beauties look in my kitchen :-)

I also found four more pieces of Buffalo china.

These coffee cups are so pretty with the little decoration around the rim. My Buffalo China collection is really adding up. Love that stuff.

Hope you will stop by the other VTT posts and pay a visit.

Happy Thriftin'!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday

Our gracious hostess Kim from Shabby Pink and Pretty has invited us to another week of Tea Things Tuesday.

Last week I shared a lovey teacup with flowers that looked like mountain laurel. I noticed that I had a creamer and sugar bowl that had similar flowers.

I found this lovely trio in the Windy City when I visited my daughter a couple of years ago. It was found in an antique mall in Oak Brook. The markings on the bottom say - Old Royal Bone China - England. I fell in love with the little matching set and had to bring it home with me.

Even though it is not an exact match, I think it goes very nicely with the tea cup.

Please be sure to stop by Kim's blog and visit the other wonderful tea offerings on Tea Things Tuesday.

Flea Market Party

Well I am a little late but I am jumping onboard for the Flea Market Fancy Marketteer party. This looks like so much fun, and I hope you will visit all the other participants. Be sure to leave a comment that you are visiting.

My daughter has really been finding some great bargains in her yard sale ventures. A few weeks ago she bought some very lovely linens. I think she told me she paid $2.00 for a full size sheet, 2 pillowcases, 3 or 4 dresser scarves that are all beautifully crocheted. They also have the little eyelet stitching, which I am sorry but I don't know what it is called.

All I know is they are very lovely. And the stitching is beautiful.

This past weekend my daughter was out early again and this time she snagged these lovelies.....
Fiesta Ware in an assortment of colors. They were in great condition and the lady who sold them reduced her price for the whole set.

I love to quilt, so I was thrilled to find these quilting magazines for 25c each.

The one on top is an Australian magazine that runs about $10 at the craft store. It was a great find as well as the other current magazines.

I hope that you will have fun visiting the rest of the Flea Market party. I am on my way there now :-)

Happy thriftin'!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Picture this

If there is something that I like as much as a good old chair, it's a pretty picture. I'm always looking at pictures at stores, antique shops, thrift stores..........wherever there's a display.

Many years ago, my hubby's aunt gave me this picture.

I always loved the pretty delicate roses. I think she painted the frame. It's a large picture, and recently I've seen lots of these type of prints showing up at antique shops, but mostly in a smaller size.

Another sweet aunt knew that I loved this picture and gave it to me when she moved from her home to an apartment.

And this picture always intrigued me, which also came from a family member -

I love how the wood frame is etched with the design.

A few months ago our thrift shop was having 75% off on certain items. This picture caught my eye -
When I turned it over, this was on the back -

Years ago I used to buy Susan Winget calendars, so this print is probably from the 80's. Picked up this little picture for $2.50. I think it was a good buy :-)

On another day, I found this lovely lady -

I bought this mostly for the frame, but then decided that the picture would look nice with my tea cups.

And my all time favorite is this sweet picture -

This sweet gal hung in the thrift store for three months, and everytime I went into the store, she called to me. I missed the 1/2 price day, but I kept thinking maybe they would mark down the pictures. One day I finally asked one of the workers about the picture and if they could do any better on the price. To my surprise and delight she marked it down to $6.00!

If I had more wall space I would probably hang a gallery of pictures. But these seem to quench my craving for the moment ;-)

Happy thriftin'!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday

On a recent trip to South Carolina, my daughter and I went to several antique shops. Between the two of us, we found several vintage thingies that we added to our collection of old stuff.

But for today, I wanted to share about something that I had never seen before. It was a vintage Farm Master Egg scale from Sears Roebuck & Co.

We first saw this scale in a little shop in Florence. I thought it was such an interesting thing, but passed it up. At $12, it was more then my usual thrifty spending habits.

We picked up a few business cards at this particular shop, and headed out in search of more bargains. We landed at the Thieves Market, which was a huge warehouse, packed to the gills with stuff! And guess what? They also had a vintage Farm Master Egg scale. But the price was not $12. Oh No!! It was marked.......... $48! Whoa!

Now here was something that I had never seen before, and now I've run into it twice, with a $36 price difference. Boy, now I was wishing that I had picked up this little gem.

With our prizes in hand, we headed back to the hotel for a night of rest, so we could venture out again the next day.

Georgetown SC is a historical landmark town. We've never visited there before, so we thought we would take a buzz through this little town. And low and behold, there was an Antique mall. Guess it would not hurt to take a browse through.

And yes, of course you know what I am going to tell you. Here it was again! The Farm Master Egg scale. But wait! What's this?? What did you say the price was?? But it is in such poor condition!!

I called my daughter over to take a look. Surely my eyes were not seeing the price right. Oh, it is?? You mean to tell me this egg scale is..... it is.......



Now I have been thrift hunting for a lonnngggg time, but I cannot ever remember finding something with such a huge (scalping) I mean difference. A difference of $66 from the first one that we saw!

So you know what we did?? Yep, we jumped in the car, and we drove back to Florence! We not only found the egg scale for $12.00, but my daughter found several other items while we were there.

So what is the moral of this story?

Buy it when you see it the first time :-)

Now be sure to stop by Coloradolady's blog and visit all the other incredible VTT posts. Also visit Thrifty Thursday for more great vintage finds.

Happy thriftin'!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday

I love tea things. Tea reminds me of elegance. It reminds me of a different time and era, when taking time for tea was a daily ritual. A time to sit and be refreshed.

Today I am joining our host Kim from Shabby, Pink and Pretty to present to you my latest teacup.

I am not really sure what kind of flower this is, but it made me think of Mountain Laurel.

It is marked Victoria, Bone China, England. I thought it was such a nice addition to my ever growing teacup collection.

Please be sure to stop by Kim's blog and visit the other gals who are showcasing their Tea Things this week.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Climbing

I thought this was such a fun statue that I just had to share it with you.

Fun huh?
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Like Mother, like.........

My daughter has really gotten into the yard sale fever. She went last weekend to a huge community yard sale. She and her friends started early, and they were still at it in the afternoon.

She found this Sheffield set for $5.00.

There was another serving piece, but the handle was broken. But I think she got an exceptional deal for the pieces that she's able to use. Now to clean it up............

I found these two pieces at the thrift store on Saturday.

I know the piece on the right is usually used for sugar packets, but I will use it for tea bags. And the piece on the right baffled the lady checking me out as she could not figure out what it was used for.

This is the third spooner that I've found.

I don't normally collect this type of sandwich glass, but on the half price day, well hey, it looked good to me :-)

Please visit Colorado Lady's blog for the Vintage Thingies Thursday. (Please check my sidebar for her link)

Happy Thriftin'!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Today is another day for Tea Things Tuesday hosted by Kim of Shabby, Pink and Pretty. It's almost like having a virtual tea party, where you visit different ladies and enjoy their beautiful tea things.

Today I would like to share my beautiful Pink Teapot.

I've had this teapot for such a long time, that I am not really sure where I got it from. It is marked Sadler England on the bottom. The picture does not do it justice, as it is a such a lovely shade of pink, with the sweet little roses.

I think the teapot coodinates so well with two of my pink Royal Albert teacups.

I hope you enjoy a cuppa today, and please stop by and visit Kim's blog. There are some very lovely tea things to see. You may want to stop in for a spot of tea :-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Sign of the Times!

Isn't that the most beautiful sign to see displayed in front of my favorite thrift store? The whole store was 50% off!!! Wow what a fun time for exploration.

My son was with me when we made this stop. He really scored when he found several Hardy Boy books. There was a whole box in the children's book section, so he sorted through them, checking which one's he had and which ones were missing from his little collection.

Because we made this stop on the way home, I did not spend a lot of time there. Thrift stores are not high on the list of the most favorite things for young men to do ;-)

Now my sweet friend Marydon from Feedsack Fantasy, asked if I would post a picture of the piece of Buffalo china that I found a week ago. I've had a hard time photographing the little bowl, so I tried taking the picture with no flash. Anyway, I hope she can see the marking on the bottom and can give me some insight.

Marydon, I hope you can enlarge the picture. My little point and shoot digital limits how close it will get.

Enjoy your thriftin' week!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Up and at'um

This is what the morning sky looks like. Sunshine breaking through the trees.

Yep, I am out and about today. Roaming the yard sales and thrifty places. Hope to have good treasure findings today.

Enjoy your thriftin" day!