Saturday, January 30, 2010

No snow here

I have never enjoyed the snow. And I hear that many areas are being dumped with snow and cold this weekend. But today my sweet hubby and son are working on our property, clearing a place to hopefully build a house.

Hubby says when they have driven up to the property in the mornings, there are all kinds of deer tracks everywhere.

Guess the critters are looking for food that has been unearthed.

A view of the lake.

One day I am hoping to be able to sit out on the back porch and sip some tea and take in the sunrise.

Wishing you a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am joining Suzanne for Vintage Thingies Thursday. Please stop by her blog site, Colorado Lady, and visit all the other vintage things that are being shown today :-)

For years we have used many different kinds of kitchen utensils. I never thought about it much, but some were my Mom's and they are pretty old. Here are a few -

I've used this old strainer every time we squeeze fresh oranges, or if there are coffee grounds that migrate into the cup.

I have not used this garlic press since buying a newer one, but I do remember my Mom using it.

And I'm not exactly sure if this would be considered a meat fork as it is on the small side. But it sure is vintage.

And one more thing I wanted to show today. If you have ever gone into a Cracker Barrel restaurant have you ever looked up at the antique things that are hanging from the ceiling? When you've looked up, have you noticed the lights? If not, next time take a look. And tell me if you think this looks familiar -

I've had this light hanging in my kitchen for 35 years. We had to replace the glass shade once, but this lamp looks like the ones hanging in the Cracker Barrel. This lamp has just recently died, so it will soon be replaced, but I just thought how much we have enjoyed this lamp (with a matching ceiling light too) for all these years. I wonder where Cracker Barrel stores their supply for the next restaurant they build ?

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

January 25,2010...

Outside my window.....
a hard wind is blowing

I am thinking..... about my sweet hubby who is clearing land we hope to build on

I am thankful for... the many promise blessings from God's Word

I am wearing..... casual clothes

I am remembering..... my sweet BFF who celebrated her birthday this weekend

I am going..... nowhere today

I am currently reading..... my devotions and blog google reader

I am hoping..... that my sweet 94 year old aunt will do well in rehab

On my mind..... how life can take a quick turn in just one day

Noticing that..... my boys are growing up and learning to be responsible

Pondering these words..... "Your life either sheds light or casts a shadow"

From the kitchen..... macaroni and cheese

Around the house..... laundry and general pick up

One of my favorite things..... sweet friends who bring sunshine into my life

From my picture journal.....

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Thanks for sharing my day :-)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A birthday wish

Today is my BFF's birthday. She doesn't have a blog, and she really doesn't do much blog reading. And let me tell you why. You see my BFF has a pretty active life. She's the Mom of four really great kids. Two of which are missionaries in far away places. She travels to see them, and to see her grandchildren. This past Spring her daughter was diagnosed with a very fast growing breast cancer. She was expecting her fifth baby when the cancer was discovered. The baby was delivered a month early so she could start chemo right away. My BFF traveled to Alaska to care for the other four children while her daughter delivered her baby and within two weeks started heavy chemo treatments. Her daughter has just recently undergone radical surgery and is now back in the lower 48 preparing for radiation treatment.

It's been a very tough time for my BFF and her family. But I still wanted to wish her a very Happy Birthday.

This picture was taken one year ago today, while my BFF was visiting me in Florida.

If you could say a little prayer for her daughter Carlee, I know it would be greatly appreciated.

"Every friendship begins small.
Two smiles meet and hold somehow.
But as each day passes,
amid coffee or tea,
shared secrets and phone calls,
carpools and quilting bees -
a love grows large enough
to last into eternity."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday

Well here I am again, showing you another tea related post. Just love tea things and all the warmth it suggests. Valerie over at Traveling Through is sharing her Tea Time things too.

Today I wanted to show you my white tea things.

The two white tea pots belonged to my BFF that passed away 5 years ago. She was a huge collector of all things tea. I was fortunate that her family shared many of her tea things with me. The pot in the front is a Lenox piece called "Butlers Pantry". The larger pot behind is marked J & G Meakin - England "Classic White". The tea cups are marked Independence Ironstone Castleton - Japan. I love how elegant these white pieces look together.

"Nothing is more enjoyable then sharing a pot of tea with an old friend."

Won't you join me for a spot of tea today?

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Daybook

I so enjoyed sharing my day with you last week, that I thought I would participate in The Simple Woman's Daybook once again.

Outside my window...
the sun is shining

I am thinking... how much I really love the warmer days

I am thankful for... God's Word and how it brings peace to my heart

I am wearing... jeans and a pullover

I am remembering... what a nice holiday we had

I am going... to the Doctor's office to get my blood pressure checked

I am currently reading... my devotions and a quilting magazine

I am hoping... to be better organized this year

On my mind... how my sweet 94 year old aunt is doing after her hip surgery yesterday

Noticing that... the days are getting a little bit longer

Pondering these words... "Time is a revealer of how God does the healing"

From the kitchen... hot tea and a fresh batch of home made granola

Around the house... not much happening around the house

One of my favorite things... fabric - it's like a beautiful garden that never goes to seed

From my picture journal...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday

About a month ago I went through an old suitcase that was buried in our closet. While digging through some of the old pictures I came across my baby book that must have been given to my parents when I was born.

It was fun looking at some of the old pictures and even seeing some familiar market names.

That's my baby picture in the bottom left hand corner :-)

I guess pictures that are half a century old would be considered a vintage thingie!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I've seen these posted on other blogs, so today I thought I would start my week with the Daybook for January 11, 2010.

For Today: January 11, 2010

Outside my's still cold outside!

I am thinking...................about what I need to do today, my sweet husband and my precious children

I am thankful sweet husband and how he provides for our family.

I am wearing....................a sweatsuit.

I am mother in love and how she has been such a wonderful influence in my life.

I am the post office and to the thrift stores!

I am currently reading... my devotional and quilting blogs!

I am hoping......................for warmer weather to hurry and come.

On my mind.....................resolving health issues.

Noticing that....................I need to finish putting the house back in order after the decorations have come down.

Pondering these words........A friend is someone who listens with her heart.

In the kitchen...................Raisin toast and hot tea.

Around the house.............laundry and some sewing.

One of my favorite things.......... hearing the birds sing at the bird feeder.

From my picture journal:

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Silly Saturday

Did you really know that the word "silly"derives from the German word selig, meaning "blessed" or "happy"?

So today I am joining Susan over at Blackberry Creek Home Arts in Silly Saturday!

My daughter and two of her friends played for a wedding on the beach last year.

They had a little bit of fun too :-)

Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vintage Thingies Thursday

I love Thursdays. Mostly because I can visit Suzanne and her post with all of the Vintage Thingies Thursday blogs. Please take a look, as I think you will enjoy looking at all of the vintage goodies that are lined up there.

Today I wanted to show you what my dear sweet hubby gave me for Christmas this year. He kept telling me that he did not buy me anything for Christmas. He told me that over and over. But on Christmas morning, he said he had "found" something for me.

A few years ago my dear sweet hubby was in Alabama on a trip.

There is an old plantation near by where he stays. I think some of the guys were out there, just looking around.

And unbeknown to me, he found a little treasure.

Apparently it was in pieces.

And the back feet were missing.

But my dear sweet hubby brought it back home -

repaired it -

had someone recreate the back feet -

painted it -

and presented this to me on Christmas morning ----

It's a real beauty!

Happy VTT!

Just sayin.............

This is what I feel like doing today!

Stay warm :-)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tea Party Tuesday

Well, here I am again posting a Tea Time Tuesday! Just love my tea things and wanted to share with you.

My sweet sister in love gave me this very sweet tea set for Christmas.

I was very delightfully surprised. It was not only the tea set, but a Tea Party in a box.

I loved it!

And now it is time to make a pot of tea and do some blog reading. It's been terribly cold here in the south, with no let up in sight. So hot tea and warm quilts are the order of the day.

Stay warm and enjoy your day :-)

Monday, January 4, 2010

A day in the life

It's been a very busy week around here. Starting with a Doctor appointment that sent me into a little bit of a tailspin. Now I am on meds and back and forth to the Dr for BP check :-( Not my idea of starting off the New Year.

But I just wanted to give a shout out for a sweet little giveaway over at A Day in the Life. There is a Modest Giveaway going on, so stop in before January 10th and take a look.

Hope everyone's New Year is going well.