Monday, June 7, 2010


What is the problem with words???

I was reading someone's blog lately, and she kind of wrote in code. You know, left a letter out here and there. At the end of her post she said that she did not want to write out certain words because it would draw spammers to her blog.

Wow is that true?? Do the spammers pick up on certain words? I have seen an increase in some comments on this blog which appear to be spam, but I cannot figure out what word is attracting them. I thought that with blogger comments, you would have to type in the letters before the comment is posted. So does that mean there are people who just sit at their computers all day and write things (that are probably not nice) on other peoples blogs?

Inquiring minds want to know!


★Carol★ said...

I've gotten pornographic comments in Chinese before, and I have no idea what I posted that could have possibly attracted that! It's probably something very innocent, like tea or cottage. Some people need to use the internet for good instead of evil!

Diann said...

Unfortunaltely there are a lot of spammer software available out there. And a lot of these systems do massive searches using "keywords". I used to work for an online company and what I did was go "chasing" these spammers and deleting their posts or comments all over the place. Since there are so many spamming systems popping up very day, the different servers out there can no longer even begin to keep up.

Was tht way more than you ever wanted to know? LOL

Diann said...

oops, sorry for the typos.

But, regarding the above comment, I have been very fortunate, in over a year of blogging I have only been spammed a couple of time. (knock on wood! LOL)