Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Bless our Home

Thanksgiving is a holiday specifically set aside for the purpose of thanking God for His provisions and blessings.  It may be the oldest, continually celebrated holiday in America.

Much of the food served at modern Thanksgiving dinners includes items from the very first celebration: turkey, ham, potatoes, numerous other vegetables, bread and puddings.

Initially this meal was held to thank God for the blessings of a good crop, having food for the winter.

Thanksgiving is a very family oriented holiday.  Relatives often travel great distances to be with each other to celebrate.  Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the entire year.

What are your plans for this Thanksgiving?

May your Thanksgiving be a time of joy and blessings.

                                                  Vintage Charm Party


roentare said...

That is such a magnificent display and flatlay

Klara said...

what a beautiful set up of a table. Happy Thanksgiving.

magiceye said...

Great Thanksgiving feast!