Monday, July 19, 2021

My beautiful deck

 The first time we saw this house, I fell in love with this deck. You see, at our old house, we never had much of outdoor space. So this deck really appealed to me.

My husband build a stainless steel table for his grills, and we bought a Grill Hut from Sam's club

Which has served us very well over the years.

But lately we have noticed that the deck was starting to have problems. The house was built in 1998, so we are assuming that the deck was put in sometime about 20 years ago.  The boards were separating, and there were holes developing on the planks. 

We decided to tear them out, hiring a couple of guys to break it down. So my beautiful deck is gone.

Now we have to decide if we will replace it with another wood deck, pavers or grass. 

Has anyone had success with any of these kinds of replacement?

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Alana said...

I've never had a deck. It sure was pretty, though, while it lasted. If you were happy with it, and it sounds like you were, I would (if it was me) spend the money. Your pleasure is worth the money, if it isn't a big financial burden for you.