Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hello... I sat outside, enjoying the early morning breeze and taking in the beauty of the day, I thought about inviting you to share a treat.

So I laid out a place setting, just for you.

  Let's spend some time in some fellowship together.

Watching the birds at the feeder and listening to the water flowing in the pond........

and from the fountain.
So this morning, I invite you to share this little bit of beauty with me
  ...... and enjoy the God who is sovereign over all.


Maureen said...

I had a lovely time, just relaxing, enjoying your photos and thanking God for His goodness.

Sylvia said...

The and fountain sounds so inviting, I would love Tea with you.

French Ethereal said...

Lovely! I'll be right over for tea in the garden!!! Love your table settings, Jocelyn. Thank you for inviting us all to tea. <3

Happy to share your post on this week's Share Your Style #219, thank you,
Barb :)