Thursday, November 10, 2011

To the Rescue

Isn't it sad to see many once very loved items that have been discarded? My daughter and I feel that it is our "green" duty to recycle and reuse.

My dear daughter found this beautiful set of pillowcases, perfectly embroidered and in very good condition.

I found this cute little dishcloth with the duck embroidery. Love those days of the week!

A sweet apron with white rick rack! I love the blue fabric. Someone made lots of apple pies and cakes wearing this apron.

My daughter also scooped up this wonderful old quilt. I have been trying to date the fabrics, and I think it would be 30's or 40's. The colors are so soft and each block is different. Lovely find.

Doesn't this vintage stitched dish cloth look perfect?

And this sweet old quilt.

When you least expect it, there is a treasure to be found.

What a prize.

I'm joining Coloradoladys Vintage Thingie Thursday
Thrifty Things Friday and
Beverly for Pink Saturday.


Unknown said...

awesome finds! :)

Thanks for sharing.

Melody said...

I'm so glad these treasures have been found by someone who values them.

LV said...

Those are the kind of thing that make my day. I have some of each, but none lie yours. Loved seeing them all.

My name is Riet said...

Such lovely finds. LOve the quilt and all the pinks. Happy pink Saturday

Susie Jefferson said...

Great finds - you have a really good 'eye' (which your daughter has obviously inherited too) and it will be very interesting to see what you do with them. Quilts?

Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!

Cindy Adkins said...

Great finds! When I go antiquing, I always think about the person who used to own the items. It's a little sad sometimes...but nice to rescue them and give them a good home again. I especially like the Days of the Week!
Hugs, Cindy

Julia said...

I am a member of the same GREEN club you and your daughter are in. There are few beautiful vintage handmade items that I can ever pass up. I have to stay out of antique stores for that reason. Your treasures are beautiful. Doesn't it feel amazing to hold them in your hands and wonder about the person who put their love into those stitches? What was she like, what was her name, was she a grandmother, aunt, etc.....?

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

I can not pass up needlework of any kind ... I think of the hours some one lovingly put into them.

Unknown said...

Lovely treasures!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Love the duck dish towel! When I find these type of things, I buy them, too. They make me happy. =)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
What treasures you found. I love the hand embroidered tea towels and those quilts are so delightful. They still look so happy, and in such great condition. I often wonder when I purchase one, if it could talk, what treasures it might share about itself. I know they all have a story to share.

Thank you taking me along this evening. I so enjoyed each of these gorgeous treasures. Have a beautiful weekend. Happy Pink Saturday again. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Chubskulit Rose said...

Simply beautiful!

My Pink, have a nice weekend!

1CardCreator said...

These are all lovely. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Diane

pinkkandy said...

Thankful for a warm house and cups of coffee...children running and laughing through this house..pray you are having a good day!

Donna said...

I am glad you rescued all of them.
Just think of the hard work that went into each piece, and I love vintage embroidery.

Savannah, Chloe, & Tyler said...

Fabulous finds you've shared. Happy Pink Saturday

Yasmin Smith said...

You really found some lovely vintage pieces of linens! I love the old quilts...I, too, think of all the work that went into sewing each piece
by hand....the new machine made quilts might be very pretty, and they are probably time comsuming, too, but I much prefer the "old-fashioned" hand sewn ones!
I remember when I was a little girl the "days of the week" dish towels were popular and my grandmother taught
me how to embroidery so I could do a few. I still have one or two left, I only put them out for show!!
Thanks for sharing your finds with us
Have a happy week.....Yasmin

Unknown said...

What beautiful treasures! I love vintage and antique linens...especially things that were obviously made with such care! Your quilts, especially the first one, look similar to one I just inherited. It was made for my great-grandfather by my great-great-grandmother right around the year 1900. So special!

I would like to invite you to participate in my weekend linkup. It involves anything related to homemaking: recipes, sewing, decorating, crafts, DIY, a story about what you did today, etc! There’s a button at the top of my sidebar you can grab to help you to remember to come back each week. Just go to Thursday’s post titled, “Vintage Pilgrim Print & Homemaking Link-Up Weekend” for this week’s link up!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Your monkey wrench quilt looks like it is fabulous shape. Lucky you.

Unknown said...

they are all so lovely and I'm glad you save them. It's nice to know that someone out there will love them as they were lovingly made. I too love things like these. Have a wonderful week.

Hugs, LisaKay Belles Roses Romantiques

Diann said...

These are all wonderful pieces. I am so glad they are in your care now. I would have bought them too. I always think of all the time and care that went into making these little treasures! Thank you for sharing with all of us at TTF!

Wanda Lee said...

Hello there dear lady,

Happy Pink Saturday! You have indeed rescued such lovely treasures.., Oh my so charming and beautiful!

What a fabulous tea room you were privileged to have visited lately. So elegant and prettily Victorian in it's refined ambiance.

What a heartwarming afternoon tea you enjoyed with your dear friend! The tea table was laden with delectable goodies galore and oh-so-very pretty as well!

Although I am very late this week, yet I must say that your post from last week's tea was just a vision of tearoom loveliness, an afternoon tea, dream. ~ I'm sure we all wish we could go there one day!

Thanks ever so much for joining us for Tuesday's Teas; we always love having you partake!

Hugs, Wanda Lee