Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vintage Frame

Today my Vintage thing is this very old frame.

This is a portrait of my parents, probably taken sometime in the late 40's. The frame is very fragile and has many cracks.

Here is a little closer look at the detail in this beautiful frame.

The back of the frame is all wood.

I have many old pictures of my parents. They were older when I came around, and I did not have either of them for very long, but today I am thankful for my Mom and Dad.

We sometimes experience cracks and breaks along life's way and growing up can be a hard job. Yet those cracks mold us. They build character that, if we let them, allows us to learn life's lessons.

We don't get to choose the parents that we have. But I am thankful for the parents God gave me.

Joining Coloradolady's Vintage Thingie Thursday.


LV said...

I have a very, very old frame with a picture of my mother. It is so fragile I try not to handle very much.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Beautiful frame. I am grateful I had the parents I had...did not get to have them very long, but ther was no better! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Entertaining Women said...

Your parents were blessed to have a daughter who honors them in such a loving way. I adore the old family frames, cracks and all. I had a thought...I wonder if you could have the framed picture placed in a shadowbox frame with maybe some other memento from your parents....a frame for your frame. It might protect it for you and look really cool, too. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Cherry Kay


You must have been their joy to have had you late in life, I assume, so you and they were blessings from God. Beautiful honor and the gorgeous frame is a treasure too. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy every minute.

Postcardy said...

The frame and the photo complement each other and look nice together.

Unknown said...

I like Cherry Kay's shadow box idea. What a beautiful frame and picture...definitely a treasure!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

HaPpY vInTaGe ThInGiE tHuRsDaY!