Sunday, August 21, 2011

The warmth of a hearth

A year ago we moved into our new home. There were some changes that we wanted to make right from the start.

This was the living room before we bought the house.

After the former owners removed their furniture, this room looked so stark.

One of our first projects was to paint the room, build a mantle and remove the green tile that surrounded the fireplace.

Just adding the mantle and hearth really made such a huge difference in the appearance of the room.

Final results.........

And at Christmas time with a roaring fire :-)

Thanks to all of you who are nice enough to leave a comment letting me know you have enjoyed your visit here. I hope you come back again.

I'm joining Susan for Metamorphosis Monday.



I adore the matel, it looks great, what a change and how beautiful it looks Christmas time with the fire and Chitmas arrangements. Terrific job! Hugs, FABBY

Anonymous said...

Wonderful makeover. The mantel is beautiful!

podso said...

Great improvement. And nice to see the new mantle at Christmas! Funny how we both posted on fireplace transformations! Have a good week!

Barbara said...

The room looks so much warmer and inviting. Good eye!

Pat said...

The room looks wonderful with the changes you made!

Karen said...

That is a great transformation, it looks so pretty at Christmas. Visiting from Met. Monday I'm your neighbor.