Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vintage plate

I am so late getting my Vintage Thingie post up, but still wanted to participate.

A while back, I was with my daughter and some of her friends garage saleing. I was not finding much, and as we were deciding that it was time to head home, we came across an Estate Sale sign. There really wasn't much left, but I noticed this platter on one of the tables. I was not too impressed with the wicker, but thought the plate was pretty.

When I got it home I took the wicker piece off and this is the plate.

Candlewick I presume? And you know what I paid for this plate with the wicker holder??


Yay, I think it was a great buy, and I love the platter :-)

Joining Suzanne at Coloradoladys' Vintage Thingie Thursday and

Would you Buy it Wednesday.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Way to go! Such bargains makes us all so happy!

LV said...

We do not find many bargains these days. Glad you lucked out on this plate.


Yes, candlewick it is and good price!

jo said...

Oh fantastic price for a great plate. You must pop over to see my post and see my great bargains like yours.

I managed to get a couple more yesterday. Oh I love it when a plan comes together.


Allie said...



GORGEOUS plate! And such a steal for $1! :)

Julia said...

Wow! That seller didn't know what he/she had did he/she? You are lucky. That is gorgeous!!!