Monday, July 18, 2011

The test of time

I love seeing the grand old homes that are standing the test of time.

If these houses could talk, what amazing stories they could tell.

Have a great day!


Dreaming of Vintage said...

I love touring old homes! These homes are gorgeous!

Julia said...

These homes are beautiful. I was blessed to be able to grow up in a beautiful old home, similar to a couple of these, but not as big as some. Anyway, we lived in my grandparents' house that was built in 1840!!! My grandfather and his father added to it and changed it up a bit back in the 20's. The family that own it now are refurbishing it and it's looking good. For a while a young couple owned it and let it get all run down!! That was a sad time.

Allie said...

ME TOO! Love the porch on that last one!

Ms. Bake-it said...

I love old homes! Before I downsized, I lived in a large Victorian. Oh, how I miss that home!

~ Tracy