Thursday, July 15, 2010

A recipe to share

Cooking has been a little scarce around here for the last few weeks. I make a big pot of something, and we can enjoy meals for a few nights. But tonight I stopped by the Greek restaurant and bought a Greek Salad for my family.

However, I do enjoy making my own Greek Salad, so I thought I would share this recipe with you.

Famous Greek Salad

Make your favorite potato salad. If you do not have a recipe that you like make potato salad using the following-

6 potatoes (diced, cubed and cooked)
2 medium green onions - chopped
1/2 cup mayonnaise

Mix together and chill

Salad ingredients -
1 large head of lettuce
3 cups potato salad
6-8 pieces of raw spinach
2 tomatoes cut into 6 wedges each
1 peeled cucumber cut lengthwise into 8 fingers
4 portions (slices) of Feta cheese (Greek cheese)
1 green bell pepper cut into 8 rings
4 slices canned cooked beets
4 peeled and cooked shrimp 4 anchovy fillets
8 black Greek style olives
4 whole green onions
1/2 cup distilled white vinegar
1/4 cup each olive oil and salad oil blended

Line a large platter with outside lettuce leaves. Place 3 cups potato salad in a mound in the center of the platter. Cover with remaining lettuce that has been shredded. Arrange spinach on top. Place tomato wedges around the outer edge of salad, and place cucumber wedges in between tomatoes. Slices of Feta cheese should be arranged on the top of the salad with the green pepper slices over all. On the very top, place the sliced beets with a shrimp on each beet slice and an anchovy fillet on the shrimp. The olives, pepper and green onions can be arranged as desired. Sprinkle salad with vinegar, and then with the blended oil. Sprinkle the oregano over all and serve at once. This would be called a salad for 4.

I hope you enjoy.

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Kindra said...

The salad looks so good for supper on this hot, hot day!! Thanks so much for you kind comment on my blog today!