Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thriftaholic VTT

I know, I know, I've got it bad.

Today while I had a few minutes waiting for my son, I happened upon a Goodwill store. I figured I could spend the 30 minute wait time looking around, just to see if there was anything that might be of interest.

And well, of course as I walked up and down the aisles, there were a few things that caught my eye.

These lovely Nikko plates looked so fallish. I thought they would make a great addition to the table setting in my dining room. What a shame that there were no cups to be found. So I only picked up 4 salad/dessert and two saucers. I will keep my eye out for some cups that might be a close match.

When I spied this large cake plate, I was amazed that it was only marked $2.

It is larger then a normal cake plate, which made me think that I could add another cake plate on top for a layered look. It is really a nice heavy piece of glass.

You see Holly over at Homebody had a very creative idea. I have seen the plates glued to the candles before, but she has taken this idea to a new level.

I just love how Holly expanded this idea and went for the gold (or maybe it was the peppermint). Please go over and take a look. She is doing a series of (Thrifty Gifty) posts on making gifts from thrifty treasures.

And while you are at it be sure to visit Colorado Lady because today is Vintage Thingies Thursday. You will want to take a look at all of the great vintage treasures being shared.

And one last thought. As we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday, I want to thank each and every one of you that stops by and visits me on this little blog. I've so enjoyed meeting new friends and some old ones too. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving day.


Maureen said...

I've heard that line before ''I figured I could spend the 30 minute wait time looking around, just to see if there was anything that might be of interest.'' Might be of interest! lol I have that disease too so it takes one to know one!

I'll have to take a peek Holly's blog. I just picked up some glass at Savers yesterday.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Teresa~ Gardening with Soule said...

What great finds! AMazing the amount of stuff you can find in 30 minutes. I say 30 minutes well spent. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

Coloradolady said...

Great finds...I have made things like Holly has on her blog out of glass...and you really can make some great serving pieces with the same should have fun putting these things together...Have a great Thanksgiving and a Happy VTT!

Tussy said...

The Nikko plate looks good, beautiful and worth to catch our eyes.

Great find :)

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Allison said...

I'm partial to cake plates. I have a chocolate bundt cake sitting on one right now! Nice.

Vonlipi said...

What a great way to spend 30 minutes! You found great pieces!

Janet, said...

Love all your thrifty finds. My favorite is the cake plate!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the link. I love your plates--I had to wait on the dog groomer the other day and spent the time wandering through an antique mall. Amazingly and with great restraing, I came away empty-handed!

Angela said...

Love your GoodWill finds! I would have grabbed that cake plate up too!

Happy Turkey Day!

Cynthia K. said...

Hi there! I really love the fallish dishes!. And the glassware you really found great bargains - clever ways to use them too. Don't we love thrift stores...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Vicki said...

Hi, Jocelyn,
You always have the best luck at the thrift shops! Those dishes will be perfect for autumn, and all of the other glassware was so pretty, too. Blessings to you! Vicki

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow! You found some beautiful items!! Hope you had a lovely holiday.

Kimberly Mason said...

Oh my, I'm a sucker for a good cake stand EVERY time!

Miri said...

Profitable 30 minutes!