Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pink sherbet

I love pink. It's such a refreshing color to me. So when I came upon these lovely sherbet dishes, they made me stop to think - "do I really need these?"

I found these lovely dishes in the same shop where we found the famous egg scale. If you remember I did not buy the egg scale the first time visiting the shop, but went back for it the next day. Well on that next day I revisited these lovely pink sherbet dishes. There were eight of them, and low and behold, they were marked 50% off! So YES I do think I need these.

They actually still had the sticker on them Nortake "Provincial" Japan, so I don't think they have ever been used.

And while I am revisiting this Antique shop find, I would love to encourage anyone who lives near Florence SC to take a drive and visit the Classic Antiques shop. They are a multi dealer shop, so there is a nice selection of various types of antiques and collectables. The owner is Don Streett, and was very helpful and courteous. I would go back again in a heartbeat.

Have a happy thriftin' weekend!


Jane said...

The sherberts are lovely...such a nice shade of pink. Now, what's for dessert??

Protector of Vintage said...


Notjustnat said...

I have such a desert recipe for you to make and use the sherbet dishes. Here it is: Your guests will ask for me - Yum yum

Allie said...

Well OF COURSE you need them, they're pink and they hold sherbet! What a lovely find, and at 50% off who can resist!

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

They are beautiful sherbet cups, so dainty and fun. Wonderful pinks!