Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's the holiday season

The holiday season is now in full swing. My daughter and I went out shopping yesterday. And even though we did not crack the alarm clock, we still found some very good deals. DD mostly was able to whittle down her Christmas list.

Have you ever considered what is the difference between being thrifty and cheap? I love to find a bargain whether we are shopping at a thrift store or a department store. There are sales everywhere. And the mark down clearance aisle is always inviting. We commented yesterday how spoiled we were because we can find so many things at places like Ross, or T J Maax, for so much less then at the name brand department stores. Yet even at Macy's or Penney's, there are bargains to be had! We never had a big income when I was coming up, so we learned to shop the bargain basements of the big department stores in the big city. It is ingrained inside of me. So even when I can afford to buy something that is not on sale, I am not able to do it! Does anyone else have that problem?

I will close with this picture of my daughter's room. Because you see, fall is going out, and Christmas is on the way in :-)

Have a great weekend :-)


Nanette said...

Oh yes, bargains are bargains. Some of the things at used stores can be priced so that you can find them new at a department store for less. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The arrangement is very pretty in your daughter's room, very pleasing!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I always shop in the bargain sections first. It's not because I'm "cheap" but because I'm "thrifty". If they're selling it at 50% off, they're most likely still making a profit. So, it's not worth any more than 50% of the original price. That's being thrifty! Being cheap is not wanting to pay what something is worth; like asking the lady selling a handmade apron for $15 (and she just spent 3 days making it so she could help her church donate to the less fortunate this winter) if you can have it cheaper! That's cheap!

I'm thrifty! That sounds much nicer!