Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My favorite Thrifting find

On a trip to South Carolina, my daughter and I went to several antique shops. Between the two of us, we found several vintage thingies that we added to our collection of old stuff.

But for today, I wanted to share about something that I had never seen before. It was a vintage Farm Master Egg scale from Sears Roebuck & Co.

We first saw this scale in a little shop in Florence. I thought it was such an interesting thing, but passed it up. At $12, it was more then my usual thrifty spending habits.

We picked up a few business cards at this particular shop, and headed out in search of more bargains. We landed at the Thieves Market, which was a huge warehouse, packed to the gills with stuff! And guess what? They also had a vintage Farm Master Egg scale. But the price was not $12. Oh No!! It was marked.......... $48! Whoa!

Now here was something that I had never seen before, and now I've run into it twice, with a $36 price difference. Boy, now I was wishing that I had picked up this little gem.

With our prizes in hand, we headed back to the hotel for a night of rest, so we could venture out again the next day.

Georgetown SC is a historical landmark town. We've never visited there before, so we thought we would take a buzz through this little town. And low and behold, there was an Antique mall. Guess it would not hurt to take a browse through.

And yes, of course you know what I am going to tell you. Here it was again! The Farm Master Egg scale. But wait! What's this?? What did you say the price was?? But it is in such poor condition!!

I called my daughter over to take a look. Surely my eyes were not seeing the price right. Oh, it is?? You mean to tell me this egg scale is..... it is.......



Now I have been thrift hunting for a lonnngggg time, but I cannot ever remember finding something with such a huge (scalping) I mean difference. A difference of $66 from the first one that we saw!

So you know what we did?? Yep, we jumped in the car, and we drove back to Florence! We not only found the egg scale for $12.00, but my daughter found several other items while we were there.

So what is the moral of this story?

Buy it when you see it the first time :-)

This is a re-post from several years ago.  But it still stands as my all time favorite thrifting find!

Happy thriftin'!


Quinn said...

I have been looking for an old egg scale for years, because I raise chickens for fresh, organic eggs and it would be handy for grading the eggs I trade for veggies.
Similar egg scales are actually still made, but even the new ones are crazy-expensive.

living from glory to glory said...

Good Morning, I have chickens and have never seen this scale, but as I go treasure hunting this year I will be on the look out! I wish I had someone to go hunting with! I have been busy working outside and a bit of sewing too!
Have a great week!


Pretty cool egg scale! At least you were able to buy it at the price you wanted to pay.