Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Family Heritage

Do you have some heirloom pieces that were handed down to you as a part of your family heritage? I don't have many, but I cherish the ones that I do have.

This creamer belonged to my paternal grandmother. My mom had it for years and I got it when she passed away. I have no idea how old it is, but it is special because it belonged to a grandmother that I never knew.

This desk and chair belonged to my hubby's paternal grandmother. I was so thrilled when it was offered to us, and now lives in my daughter's room.

These pearls also belonged to hubby's paternal grandmother. They are yellowed with age, but the beads are such a nice size.

This cup and saucer belonged to my hubby's maternal grandmother. She had a teacup collection, and when she passed away everyone was allowed to take a pick. As I am low on the totum pole, the older vintage cups were all gone. But I'm very happy to have this one that belonged to "Granny".

This vase was my Mom's. I can remember it being in our living room ever since I was a little child.
The marking on the bottom. Unfortunately, one day while I was dusting I accidently knocked it over after it came to live in my house. I tried to piece it back together, but as you can see, there is a huge boo-boo on it. I still love it though, because it was my Mom's.

And this watch belonged to my hubby's paternal grandfather. My hubby's Dad gave it to him one year as a gift. I found this display case, so it stays under glass.

What part of your family heritage do you have? I did not come from a big family. Both of my parents passed away when I was in my early 20's. But my hubby came from a large family that I have adopted as my own. My in laws were very actively involved in the lives of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren until they passed away at ages 91 and 95. Now THAT is a true family heritage.

Wishing you a wonderful thrifting week!


Michele said...

I have several items as heirloom pieces too. I love your collections.

For the vase, get a similar green colored pencil and color in darkly the white broken bit and you won't notice the crack nearly as much. I would use clear nail polish and kinda "push it in" to the colored raw bit to give it a bit of a glazing too. It helps.

I am so sorry you broke that, you must have felt so badly.

Have a wonderful weekend coming up!

Sandra said...

Those are all wonderful items to have and so special that they came from family and passed down. I think those are the best presents of all. I treasure ever item I have that came from our families.

JoKnows said...

These are all lovely things to have. Inherited pieces are the best! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays!