Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Frank Lloyd Wright

Florida Southern College in Lakeland Florida is host to the World Class Architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Sylvia said...

I do like his work. I lived in the little town of Mulberry a few years as a child, it's 10 miles south of Lakeland,Florida.

Ruth said...


Just stopped by to say hello. Ha sit been two years or more? It prolly is 2yrs..:) So nice to see you again!!

~ Ruth

Light and Voices said...

Oak Park, Illinois is nearby. I heard that Frank Lloyd Wright built a high school in Des Plaines, Illnois also. I enjoyed your photos very much of the college in Lakeland, Florida. My husband, John, and I planned a day there and I brought home many photos too. Did you enjoy your visit there or do you live nearby?
JM Illinois

betty-NZ said...

He was quite a rebel of his time :) Such lovely work.

The Charm of Home said...

I love FLW style. You can really see it in these photos. Nice pics!