Thursday, June 7, 2012

Treasures found

A couple of years ago I spotted this wooden box on the bottom shelf in the back room of a little antique shop.

It was full of buttons, snaps, pins, and other sewing accessories. Of course I needed to add this to my sewing collection.

This is what was inside the box.

It was so fun to see the price of some items being 10c, 29c, 39c, 49c. Even the package of pink rick rack was only 25c for 3 yards!! The box appears to be handmade and has a name on the bottom. I think I paid $3 for the whole box.

Sewing has been a part of my life ever since I took Home Ec back in the 10th grade. I no longer sew garments, but the skills I learned have been put to good use through my quilting experience. When I took my first quilting class 25 years ago, we were cutting fabric with scissors and making cardboard templates. Boy have things changed. And so much for the better.


Dora, the Quilter said...

Really? Scissors and Cardboard? When I started teaching quilting in the late 70's we had to use scissors, but we used Shrinky Dink plastic for templates (unless someone donated x-ray film) and by 1985 (maybe earlier) everyone in my classes was using rotary cutters.
Interesting that it was different in your classes.

Allie said...

What a great find! I know, the prices just kill me, lol.

I took Home Ec, but I flunked. I just couldn't do it - my fabric ended up with holes in it from ripping out the seams so much. I still can't make garments. I cut my first quilt out with scissors too, and used cardboard templates - and didn't have a sewing machine, so it was all by hand. Yep, I'm glad things have changed too!

Ames said...

I love old sewing stuff! Wish I had the old fruitcake can my mother kept her's in.~Ames

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

What a box full of goodies. I always pick up vintage sewing items whenever I run across them. It is awfully fun seeing those old prices isn't it?

Diann said...

Oh, a true treasure chest of goodies! I love vintage sewing items. They are just so fun to go through. Thank you for sharing with us at TTF this week! Have a great day.