Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart Friend

Do you have a friend who sticks closer to you then a brother? I've had two such friends in my lifetime. One is with the Lord, and the other lives many states away. But yet when I think of the sweet friendships that we have shared, it warms my heart beyond measure.

"There's a blessing in our friendship,
It's a bond between we two.
For the Lord brought us together,
And I thank Him now for you.

You've been there when I needed you,
We've shared our dreams and plans.
And when at times I've fallen down,
You've given me your hand.

You are always such a Joy
Each time that we're together,
But more than that, you are my friend
And in my heart forever."

So today I am thankful for my heart friends. The ones who really care, and share part of their lives with me. Friends may come and friends may go, but your heart friend is with you forever.

"Kindness is a friend's greatest asset,
With it she can mend misunderstandings
and smooth out rumpled feelings.
With only a well placed word,
She can raise a downcast spirit."

Hug your friend today :-)


Paulette said...

What a nice tribute to your heart friends. I have had two friends for over 47 years that would drop everything and come to my assistance if I needed them. I just called them my best friends, but because of your lovely post I will start using the term "heart friends" Thanks for this great post. Happy Birthday to your friend.

★Carol★ said...

Such a wonderful way to say Happy Birthday to your friend! I feel so lucky that my BFF lives just across the street from me, and I know that she is always there for me, and I'm there for her too!
Happy Monday,