Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Times past

It's so fun to explore new places when we travel. This past week we were near the Charlotte area of North Carolina. It is a booming little town with some delicious sweet Southern Ice tea.

One day we ate in this really quaint tea room that was housed in a building that must have been built around 1900.

Loved the gorgeous ceiling lighting fixture.

We made it into an Antique mall called The Sleepy Poet. Even found the Olde Tyme Marketplace booth !

This was a really neat sign we saw in front of an old store.

It says "Westinghouse Appliances". The old store was converted into something else now, but the sign was a reminder of times past.

I loved all the sights and presence from a different day and time. But I am VERY glad that we no longer have to use this antique............

Happy thriftin'!


Crispy said...

Amen to that LOL


Allie said...

Pretty pretty - and I have to agree with you on that outhouse!!!! Yipes!

Amy said...

Love the little baby bib. It's so delicate and the tea room looks so lovely