Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Lovely Old Country Roses

Years ago I gave my mother in law a Tea service of Old Country Roses.  I inherited them when she passed away, and they have made their to my table. 

Although the Tea pot is made in Indonesia, the tea cups are Made in England.

The Old Country Roses pattern blends beautifully with the Rembrandt China that was also inherited.  

May your days be filled with Sunshine and Red Roses.



One of my favorite china patterns in the world is Old Country Roses and I love all you inherited, after you gifted your MIL. You have a beautiful collection. Love your Indonesian made teapot... who cares, anyway.
This reminds me that I also inherited 'back' a tea china we gave my MIL when she was alive.
I have a three tier server and a service plate in 'Old Country Roses' that I love. I use them at teatime, with sweets and with sandwiches.
Keep safe and happy.

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing at All About Home!