Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A touch of cool

Fall is definitely in the air, even in Florida.The mornings are cool with a little bit of breeze. A wonderful respite to the scorching days we have had.

So let's put a little cool on our table.

We had a guest for dinner the other evening, and he brought me these colorful flowers.


Reidland Family said...

I really like your cool colors. I enjoy fall. Our Southwest summers are scorching, too. But I'm not so crazy about fall colors. You made them so appealing with the addition of the cool blues, etc.

June's Jottings said...

Jocelyn I love the colour combination you have achieved with your 'cool' autumn colours, and adding the blue accessories is a real bonus. We are all but heading into Summer, with Spring really starting to heat up. A lot of meals for us are eaten out on our back patio where we get a cool breeze in the summer. However, I do like your lovely autumn colours.