Monday, October 31, 2016

Grateful pillow

I am always blown away at the cost of pillows. I mean two pieces of fabric, a little bit of stuffing and the cost is $20 and up.

I'm not really much of a DIY crafter, but when an opportunity comes up, I rise to the occasion.

My daughter bought a placemat at Target in their $3 bin. When she brought it home, she thought about making a wall hanging. BUT! Mom took it in another direction. The pillow.

I purchased a pillow form for about $5, found fabric in my stash for the backing and created my own Grateful pillow for under $10.

As opposed to the Target pillow

 that listed for $20.

I can live with that!


Sylvia said...

Beautiful! You did a great job and saved money too!

ria vogelzang said...

That's one gorgeous pillow!! Great job!!

Summer said...

Love it! Nice pillow♥

Sandra's Swedish Weaving said...

Yes, pillows are so expensive. What a great idea that you were able to turn the placemat into a pillow. It is very pretty and perfect for the month of November.

Bernideen said...

That turned out cute!


Perfect! That is a great way to get a new pillow!

Debbie Kitterman said...

I like to do DIY projects, but I have never considered pillows and yes!! pillows are ridiculously expensive. thanks so much for sharing at #ImpartingGrace, its where I found your post since we are neighbors