Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The calm after the storm

Last week, we were bombarded with rain. The effects from Hermine as she passed by our area. Four days of rain - swelling lakes, ponds and streets with retained water. There just wasn't anywhere for the water to go.

But the calm after the storm is always good. Bringing everything back to normal.

Even with rough waters, Clearwater regained her dignity as Hermine swept on by.


Summer said...

Glad you are now experiencing the calm ♥


janice15 said...

So glad you got through it. I cant imagine a hurricane.. Much love Janice

Light and Voices said...

So glad you are safe and the photo speaks of being calm. All is well. Take care. See you next week.

bj said...

Even way out here in West Texas, we felt a bit of the storm...rainy..clouds..coolness