Monday, August 8, 2016

Days of travel

Summertime is travel time for most families. This summer we traveled 1,000 miles to the upper eastern coast.

I am a paper map traveler. My DH uses his GPS, but I have found taking along a paper map will sometimes get you out of some unexpected trouble.

We encountered quite a bit of rain as we headed north on Interstate 95.

Traveling over several bridges along the way.

Over many rivers. See who is following us? It's our lovely lady.

We even made friends with a friendly squirrel at one of the rest stops.

The bridges were all shapes and sizes. 

And after arriving at our northern destination, we found a sister Airstream to park by.

More of our summer adventure tomorrow :-)

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Sylvia said...

Luck you..I know you must have had a great time. Love your Airstream. Looking forward to seeing more photo's.