Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Holiday menus

Food. You can't think of the holidays and not think about food. After pushing yourself away from the mountain of food on Thanksgiving, it soon becomes necessary to think of food for Christmas.

Do you have a special menu for Christmas? Is there a certain dish that is a tradition in your house?

Do you set a special table for your Christmas meal?

Perhaps you start with soup? It's usually cold this time of year in the US. Do you have a favorite soup recipe??

After the Thanksgiving turkey, do you serve turkey again for Christmas?

And desserts. We can't forget desserts. What special treat do you make for your Christmas dinner.

Do you travel and spend Christmas with family?? Or are you a home body filling your home with friends and extended family?
I would love for you to share what you do for the holidays. Any special recipes? Traditions?


Elizabeth said...

I have always hosted holiday meals at my house and love it but also think it would be nice to travel to destination where it is cold on Thanksgiving or Christmas and have snow and meal prepared by someone else Turkey isxwhat we have only on Thanksgiving. The other holidays are ham. Always lots of sides, everyone's favorites and sometime a new dish as well!

KayMil said...

We usually have BBQ for Christmas lunch here in Kansas City :) Can't go wrong!

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