Monday, September 7, 2015

A Royal Collection

I have several tea cups that are favorites. They are special because of the memories that they bring back.
This one was a gift from a friend. This was the note that was sent along with the tea cup.

"Our hearts are filled with gratitude
each and every day
for the things that make life special -

spring flowers, a warm hug,
a surprise visit from a friend.

A gift given when we least expect it
or when we most need it
fills our hearts with thanks."

Then there  was this Shelley Cup and saucer that my sweet hubby brought back from a trip.

He had been on a business trip to Louisiana. He found a little antique shop and bought this beautiful teacup for me. He hand carried back on the plane (telling his co-worker that under no conditions was he to lose this teacup). I was so very surprised when he handed me a little bag when he returned home. As I was unwrapping the bubble wrap, I could tell this was a cup and saucer. He kept such a straight face as this little beauty was unveiled.

The pansy tea cup is Royal Patrician.
A very sweet friend came to stay with me a few years ago. She brought me this lovely teacup which had been purchased in Amish Country. I love the delicacy of the flowers. And of course the flower overflowing inside the cup invites you to take a sip of Earl Grey, or English Breakfast tea.

 This teacup once belonged to a very special lady. She had an amazing collection of English teacups and when she passed away her husband freely gave me many of her tea things.

 This next teacup might be my number one favorite. It was given to me by my daughter one year for Christmas. She brought it with her from a trip to Chicago.
 Isn't it beautiful? I love the dainty blue picture. The line is called Kensington Blue. And what really sends me is the words surrounding the saucer. It says "May the Lord bless you and keep you, and give you peace." Number 6:24-26

 My dear daughter knows how much I really like blue and white china. So she also gave me the teapot to go along with it.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Gorgeous teacups, Jocelyn, with lovely memories attached to each! I loved the Shelley and then I saw the blue toile with the inscription. What a beauty! Your daughter was so thoughtful to gift you with teapot too. Thank you for sharing your favourites with us. Happy Labour Day weekend!


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Beautiful tea cups, not sure which is my favorite. However, I love the story of your husband bringing the one home for you, how sweet!

Betty said...

Your teacups are so pretty and much more to have special memories about them.

Margie said...

Very pretty! You're blessed to have family and friends who know you so well and go to great lengths to bring home a teacup for you.

Bernideen said...

They are so lovely it's hard to pick a favorite! I enjoyed the "where it came from" information as well! So glad you shared and linked!

doodles n daydreams said...

These are lovely teacups, so pretty and delicate. enjoy your week.


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

love your blue teacup and saucer. I'm your newest follower. Found your blog via the tea cup party.

Stephanie said...

Awww... my heart melted when I read that your husband picked out a tea cup for you - how sweet :) Your tea cup collection is so beautiful, my friend. Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration.

Tanya Rachelle said...

Pretty! Sweet to read about each one. Wonderful memories and beautiful tea cups!

Martha's Favorites said...

No wonder these cups are your favorites. I love the stories behind each cup. Blessings, Martha