Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Before and After

A few years ago, my BFF came down and spent some time with me. We had a lot of fun shopping, eating, talking, crafting..... you get the picture. Anyway, one project I needed help with, was to recover a chair.

Now I am not into re-upholstery, but this was a special chair. It belonged to my hubby's Aunt, and I believe prior to that, it was her mother's chair. The chair was handled down to us when dh's aunt moved into an assisted living facility, and was not able to take all the furniture with her.

The chair appears to have been covered at least twice before.

You can see the basic bones of this chair. We found that the seat of the chair had straw for the stuffing. I decided to leave the straw inside, and just recover it with batting.

My sweet friend worked and worked on that chair. She knew how to take the old upholstery off and use it as a pattern for the replacement fabric.

BFF actually brought her massive staple gun with her from the North! I'm so glad she had the tools.

And the results?? This is how the chair turned out.............
Isn't it great?  I so love this chair. I think the fabric really compliments this style of furniture.
The chair has been handed down, recycled, and re-loved by a very special friend.

Nice history!
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Schotzy said...

Re-upholstery is such a wonderful craft... the older chairs are usually much better construction than the new.... fabrics are so much fun to shop for.... this chair looks amazing!

Nonnie said...

such a lovely fabric, and what a treasure to pass from one generation to the next!

janice15 said...

That was sweet.. I sure wish I knew how.. I'm scared to attempt it.. looks great with love Janice

Sylvia said...

Beautiful chair, I have two chairs tht I would love to recover but scared I'll mess them up.

Pat said...

Happy Cottage Quilter,
Love the chair, love the fabric. . .and LOVE the fact that you have repurposed a family heirloom for many more years of enjoyment!!!
"Mr. Ed" and I just did a similar project for our friend. . . only to a family heirloom table!!!
Have a wonderful week ahead!
Visiting from Susan's!

foreverdecorating said...

I too just finished upholstering a chair much like yours. I will be posting it soon. Love your look.