Thursday, December 5, 2013

Know when to shop

Know the markdown schedule
Yes, Target has a markdown schedule for when they update the prices of clearance items. You can use this schedule to your advantage

    Weekly Markdown Schedule

    Monday - clothing {children's}, electronics, stationery, office supplies, gift wrap
    Tuesday - clothing {women's}, domestics, food, pets
    Wednesday - clothing {men's}, health & beauty, lawn & garden
    Thursday - shoes, toy, lingerie, housewares, decor, luggage, sporting goods, music, movies, books
    Friday - cosmetics, jewelry, auto, hardware

    ** Target is widely popular and their clearance items go FAST. Going the day the clearance starts is going to give you the best shot at finding the right size, color, etc of the item you are looking for. **

    Semi-Annual Markdown Schedule

    These clearance events occur over the span of a month's time. Prices start at 30% then move to 50%, 75% and 90% in weekly intervals. Shopping as the month progresses means you will see deeper discounts, but the inventory might not be that great. If you have your eye on something you will probably need to snag it sooner rather than later.

    January & July - Baby Items.
    January, July & October - Toys.

    Holiday Markdown Schedule
    markdowns are taken every 2-3 days
    Days 1-3 after holiday  = 50% off
    Days 4-6 after holiday  = 75% off
    Days 7-9 after holiday  = 90% off

Know The Secret Codes
You can tell a lot about an item's future by looking at the price. Target's full-price items end in 9 {$9.99). Every time the price is discounted the final number drops {9.98, 9,97, etc}. If the price ends in 4 {$9.94} this is the lowest price it will be.


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