Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ice Cream at Carl's

"People come from all over to have an ice cream from Carl's."

We were told if we were ever near Fredricksburg, that we could not pass without making a stop at Carl's Ice Cream. So on our recent trip up north, we mapped it and found Princess Anne Street.

The place was empty when we first pulled up. We were able to get our order filled and enjoy our soft served ice cream.

But just a few minutes later...............
the line formed around the building and all the parking spots were gone!! As we were eating our ice cream we talked with another family and were told this is how it normally is, every. single. day!

Carl's is listed in the National Registry of Historical places.

I thought that was kind of funny. An Ice Cream shop is an Historical Landmark :-)

But the Ice Cream WAS good!



YUM....real ice cream! Looks like a fun place to have treats. It's cool that it's a part of history!

Lorac said...

Oh that just made me hungry for ice cream! Good write up.

Light and Voices said...

Great post! My favorite thing to eat is ice cream. Never been to this dairy bar. Looks like you had fun there.
Joyce M

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Glad you got to enjoy the ice cream! I guess I have never tasted ice cream as good as my Granny used to make.
I enjoyed your tablescape below too. The roosters were wonderful! Thanks for your visit and enjoy your weekend.