Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm an old fashioned girl

My daughter and I love to search for vintage things. From linens to glassware, we love to find something with a previous life. We have a special aunt who taught us a lot about finding treasures. We used to go to garage sales, thrift stores and antique malls with her through the years. She always loved pretty things, and she passed that love onto us.
One of the antique quilts that we found in an antique shop.

My dd found this lovely Wedgewood teacup. She gave this special cup and saucer to a dear friend of hers whose mother had passed away.

DD found this old Singer sewing machine when she lived in the windy city and brought it all the way back to Florida with her.

She also brought back this vintage fan :-)

And this really cool Brownie camera.

Antique skis and old windows..........

This cream pitcher belonged to my grandmother. It has little men's faces all the way around. I never knew my grandmothers very well, because they both died when I was young. So it is really special.

And this is my very favorite. This lamp also belonged to my grandmother. One of my aunt's had it in her bedroom. One of the panes had been broken out, and I offered to have it fixed for her. She told me that if I got the pane fixed, I could have the lamp. Was I ever thrilled!!! The pane was perfectly matched by a local stained glass company, and this lamp now sits in my family room.

Yes, I am just an old fashioned girl.


Anonymous said...

From one old-fashioned girl to another - I love your antique treasures! What a gift that lamp is! And, I have that Singer sewing machine, too - used to use it when I first got it. You can put an external motor on it. It only did the forward and backward stitch, though. Took the motor off and use it as decor, too. The serial number on the brass plate gives you a clue to the year. A sewing machine man can usually identify it for you.

Thoroughly enjoyed all your lovely old treasures today!

Miss Kathy

LV said...

This old fashion women enjoyed the memories you brought back with all your vintage goodies. Love the quilt.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Love this pretty quilt. Ahhh, this will feel wonderful snuggled up in this quilt on a cold winter day. Love the fan too!


Amy said...

I love the lamp too. What a nice aunt you have!

Allie said...

Such beautiful treasures!!! That quilt is amazing. And that lamp! I too love the thrill of the hunt, and finding something special - I always feel like I'm getting away with something, lol.

c. Joy said...

You do have wonderful treasures - love the lamp and the story behind it. Thanks for sharing.

Heather@Tatter and Fray said...

I love those old machine-age vintage fans. Great find!

Anonymous said...

I love your Grandmother's cream pitcher - looks like something you'd see on Antiques Roadshow and worth a lot of money. I also love the old fan and your Grandmother's lamp. Truly a piece to cherish and be proud of :)

Cass @ That Old House said...

Wonderful vintage treasures! I LOVE that little cream pitcher; very unusual, and beautiful.

A friend of mine gave my daughter an old oak sewing machine table to use as a nightstand -- what we didn't know was that the old Singer was still in it!

What a pleasant surprise.
Thanks for sharing -- Cass

Ann said...

I LOVE the fan, we actually use one of these to move air throughout the house. Great finds.

Unknown said...

I am an old fashioned girl too, Jocelyn!! I LOVE to take a slow walk through an antique store. Thanks so much for visiting Take Six today and commenting. Have a super weekend.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The quilt just takes my breath away! What a beautiful design and something you will really enjoy! ♥

Diann said...

Of course I LOVE the quilt and that teacup and saucer sings to me! And that awesome vintage fan is so fun. Well, okay, I like all your wonderful treasure! Thank You for joining TTF and have a fun weekend!

Sherry said...

All of your treasures are wonderful. They are even more special when you know their story. I think the quilt caught my eye because that is what I am focused on at this point, quilting. I love the lamp too, what a treasure.