Saturday, May 21, 2011

Foto Finish

I'm joining Cat Patches for Foto Finish this week. The theme for this week is "Drama in the Sky".

This is right out of the camera, as I don't know how to do any of the photo enhancing programs. I was driving home one evening and the sky was just ablaze with color. I opened my window and started taking pictures of the gorgeous sky with the palm trees as a backdrop.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Marydon said...

Oh, mercy,Jocelyn ... this is absolutely stunningly beautiful!!! My kind of sky. God brings us the most awesome joys ... ty for sharing.

Have a lovely weekend ~

Barbara said...

That is beautiful. I'm guessing you're in Florida? Love silhouettes against the sky. Thanks for posting to Foto Finish.

Allie said...

So gorgeous - very dramatic! I hope you stopped the car

Anonymous said...

Those are the best kinds of photos.....natural....just through the lens!! It's simply beautiful!!

quiltzyx said...

Beautiful! I love all the colors that you can see at that time of the day & you did a great job capturing them.