Saturday, October 17, 2009

Picture this

If there is something that I like as much as a good old chair, it's a pretty picture. I'm always looking at pictures at stores, antique shops, thrift stores..........wherever there's a display.

Many years ago, my hubby's aunt gave me this picture.

I always loved the pretty delicate roses. I think she painted the frame. It's a large picture, and recently I've seen lots of these type of prints showing up at antique shops, but mostly in a smaller size.

Another sweet aunt knew that I loved this picture and gave it to me when she moved from her home to an apartment.

And this picture always intrigued me, which also came from a family member -

I love how the wood frame is etched with the design.

A few months ago our thrift shop was having 75% off on certain items. This picture caught my eye -
When I turned it over, this was on the back -

Years ago I used to buy Susan Winget calendars, so this print is probably from the 80's. Picked up this little picture for $2.50. I think it was a good buy :-)

On another day, I found this lovely lady -

I bought this mostly for the frame, but then decided that the picture would look nice with my tea cups.

And my all time favorite is this sweet picture -

This sweet gal hung in the thrift store for three months, and everytime I went into the store, she called to me. I missed the 1/2 price day, but I kept thinking maybe they would mark down the pictures. One day I finally asked one of the workers about the picture and if they could do any better on the price. To my surprise and delight she marked it down to $6.00!

If I had more wall space I would probably hang a gallery of pictures. But these seem to quench my craving for the moment ;-)

Happy thriftin'!


Pat said...

Nice selection of pictures. I don't have much storage space now or I'd have a lot more and would rotate them a lot. We also put a lot of our own photographs in frames and hang them....scenery and nature shots mostly.

Pat said...

Came back to see the girl with your fall decorations. You did a very nice job setting that up!

Allie said...

What pretty pictures!!!!! I love them all.

★Carol★ said...

All such beautiful pictures, especially the family heirlooms! And I sort of have that last one. It's actually a cross stitch of it. Must be famous!