Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Buffalo, Syracuse or East Liverpool

I have always had an affinity for US made china. I love to dig through piles of china and look for the old restaurant dishes. I'd love to have a whole set to serve on every day. But for now I mostly pick up a piece here or there.

On our trip to Georgia a couple of months ago, we came across this little shop.

It is actually called Forgotten Treasures, but I thought the old grocery sign was so fitting.

My dear daughter found these two mugs in this little shop.

They are marked "Victor" on the bottom. But they so remind me of the Andy Griffith show. We watch the old shows on DVD, and Andy and Barney always have a pot of coffee brewing in the back room. They come out with these nifty (heavy) mugs every time.
I also found this little creamer with the crown marking on the bottom, that signifies Home Laughlin. These little creamers were always served with coffee before the days of the individual plastic disposable containers came about. I remember when the waitress would bring the little creamer over with her pot of hot coffee.

The bowl on the left is Homer Laughlin and the one on the right is Syracuse China. What did they serve in these bowls, I wonder?? It seems too small for soup....... hum..... Maybe ice cream?? Well anyway, they are sturdy little bowls, great for leftovers.

I love this cup. It says "Sterling Verified China, East Liverpool, Ohio, U.S.A." Verified China must have some special meaning ;-)

The three saucers are different brands. One is Morco China USA, Homer Laughlin, and my one piece of Buffalo China. I very rarely find anything that is marked Buffalo China, so I'm happy to have the one little saucer.

And this is my favorite piece.

It also is marked Syracuse China. I love it with the double handles. I think I have two of these, but at the moment the other one is hiding.

The old heavy china was always so sturdy. I can see the fella in the back of the restaurant washing the stacks of dishes.

I'd really love to find enough to use as every day dishes. It makes the hunt even more fun and exciting.

Happy thriftin'!


blushing rose said...

This kind of china was very sturdy & used in restaurants because of the durability. I love it also, but it is so heavy it is awkward for me to use. Yup! Andy & Barney ... remember it well ..... TTFN ~Marydon

Crispy said...

I like that heavy old tableware too but have never collected it. I love the little pitcher...All pitchers interest me.


Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

I love the china made in the US! I have quite a bit of Homer Laughlin and some that is just plain white that I am sure was used in a restaurant somewhere.

Allie said...

I have a few pieces of restaurant dishes - LOVE THEM. They're so heavy and sturdy! Our local antique shop had an entire set of them but it was way out of my price range!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

This is great and thanks for pointing me here :) You stopped by my blog a few minutes ago... about those bowls. You know i was thinking about them and I think they were soup bowls, portions werent so gargantuan years ago. I think dishes were just smaller...the coffee cups are much smaller, Im so trying to get used to that.