Thursday, October 29, 2015

What draws you...

... to reading a book.  The title, the author, the summary?

You know I like to share book reviews with my peeps. I've come across an author who has really caught my interest. I enjoyed history when I was in school, but truthfully not much of it has stuck.
So when I came across books by Sarah Sundin, they gave me a new insight into some of America's history.

Sarah's books are based from World War II, when our country was in the middle of fighting the Nazi invasion. Her stories are so interesting and down to earth. I feel I really  know the people who are affected by these war stories. I enjoy a good love story, but Sarah has done such an outstanding job of researching the lives of the pilots who flew into enemy territory and the flight nurses who flew with the wounded in cargo planes. 

I'm finishing up my sixth book by this author. If you like a good romance, and have any little interest in the way wars were won back in the 40's, I would recommend reading any of Sarah Sundin's books. 

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