Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Outdoor Wednesday

My hubby took me to a great little restaurant for lunch called Olde Bay Cafe.

Here is the boat that brings in the fresh catch.

A beautiful day at the Marina

Perfect to sit out of doors
And Mr Pelican swooped in for a visit.

What I enjoyed for lunch. Dunedin Salad with salmon. Yum!


Jim said...

That looks yummy. Beautiful shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Melody said...

Looks so beautiful


A perfect day indeed!! Nothing like a light, delicious, lunch like you had....at the marina. What wonderful scenes.

OUTDOOR SEASIDE SCULPTURES is my link for today.

Hope your Wednesday will be a glorious one, all day long!!

Luna Miranda said...

looks like a perfect day to be at the marina. your salad makes me hungry.:p

Karen said...

Great shots, and a lovely place for lunch!

Allie said...

So yummy - a marina is my second favorite place in the world, next to a beach!

Kim, USA said...

The food is yummy and the view is awesome! Thanks for linking Water World Wedneseday

xinex said...

How sweet of hubby to take you to a serene place like that. Your salad looks yummy!...Christine