Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cedar Key

When my hubby and I were dating, we would drive up to the quaint little town of Cedar Key and eat a fabulous seafood dinner. The food was always delicious and plentiful and the atmosphere was charming. We would relish the Cabbage Palm salad, fried shrimp or grouper and top it off with Key Lime Pie.

It has been many years since we visited again, but it sure seems like the masses have found this little hide away town.

Johnson's restaurant is long gone, so we tried the newer Seabreeze.
Although it offered an amazing view, the food was an average seafood menu. I can guess catering to the tourist crowd is never the same as when they mostly fed the native residents 
 There is a lot of Florida history buried in Cedar Key. Driving across the causeway brought back many memories of this small fishing community. 


Jim said...

Good sky shots.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

It looks gorgeous, although it's too bad the masses have discovered it! That seems to be all too common these days.

Jim said...

Good shots.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I wish I was there visiting now!! (Smiles) Hope you are doing well and enjoying your travels! Hugs, Roxy

Kay L. Davies said...

I like the first photo a lot, and the second is somewhat whimsical and charming!
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Photo Cache said...

Very informative. I have never heard of Cedar Key before.

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Entertaining Women said...

To those of us land locked souls, the Keys have always represented such a magical and romantic adventure. Thanks for taking us along on your journey...even if the longed for meal eluded you. Cherry Kay