Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great minds..............

I love to read Hooked on Houses. Today as I was reading Julia's blog, I noticed a buffet she posted about from Russell & MacKenna.

So I said to myself, well I guess I must be in style, because this is a similar buffet I have in my own house.

I found this a couple of years ago at my favorite furniture store "Southern Hospitality" in Plant City. When I spied this little beauty, I stood by it and called my hubby from the store.

"Hey, are you anywhere near Plant City today?"

"Yes I am driving back from one of the plants."

"Could you stop by Southern Hospitality on your way back and take a look at this piece of furniture because I am not leaving it if we want to take it home."

YES! We took it home. And instead of paying $3700 for the buffet, the price - $349.00

Woo-hoo, it pays to shop around :-)

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Allie said...

So pretty and what a GREAT price!